Friday, May 07, 2010

Missionary Fellowship in Haiti

Missionary Fellowship in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

We recently enjoyed worship and fellowship with Bill and Dorothy Smith, Steve and Cynthia Aldrich, Dale and Patti Coad, and Jeff Wiles.  So much has been accomplished in getting set up to receive teams.  Medical teams with HealthCare Ministries have already been into Haiti and ministered to many hurting people.We enjoyed eating wonderful Haitian food at the Smith's home.  The rice and beans had such good flavor. 

 We were amazed at the spirit of the Haitian people.  At night, outside of the missionary's home, in the midst of a tent city, people were singing praises to the Lord.  Children were playing in the street during the day, while women walked with large buckets of water on their heads back to their tent homes.  Please continue to pray for the Haitian people and for the recovery and rebuilding of their county after the earthquake in January.  Thank you for sending and supporting us as missionaries.  We appreciate it!