Monday, February 23, 2009

KOA Campground
Orlando, FL
We are parked at the KOA Campground in Orlando in our RV travel trailer. There are some wonderful ducks that visit us. Lana is an animal lover and is enjoying making friends with them. We are here for a Mission's Convention with Faith Assembly of God. We look forward to meeting new friends and renewing old friendships. Faith A/G have been with us since 1989 when we began our missionary ministry. We are finishing up our itineration and the magical date to be finished is March 31, 2009. Please pray with us. We need a financial miracle of $14,000 in cash and around $500 in monthly support. We are trusting the Lord!!!
We visited with Dale and Patti Coad, Area Directors for the Caribbean on our way to services in Florida. Dale and Patti love the missionaries in our region and the national church. It is evident from the care they show. We had a wonderful time in devotions and prayer and the Lord's presence was felt. Patti and Dale have some very adorable granddaughters; we enjoyed sharing a meal together with them.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Indiana Itineration 2009
We recently ministered at the Celebration Church in Lebanon, Indiana. Pastor Shane and Rachel Frazier started the work and they currently meet in a local theater in town. We were blessed by the enthusiasm the folks had for missions and the many wonderful comments and questions sent our way at the display table. The smell of popcorn was enticing, as the church folded up everything, packed up a van, and turned the space back to the local theater for showings that day.
We will be itinerating until the end of March 2009. We lack $1,000 in monthly support and $14,000 in cash. If you have been waiting to send in your support form, now is the time, as we need it. Please help us not take another extension.