Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Merry Christmas

The construction team from Marlton, NJ AG did a great job working on a church in the islands.  We are appreciative to Lead Pastor Jon Wegner and Team Leader Rich Tascheck, along with team members for their labor of love.  Thanks to the families who supported them and kept the home fires burning so to speak while they were away!
Marlton AG Team with Paul in Antilla

Lead Pastors Rebeca and Jose receiving an award
AG Church Guardalavaca
     Paul preached the dedication of the AG church in Guardalavaca.  Lead Pastors Jose and Rebeca had a wonderful meal before the dedication and then a great service planned to dedicate the building.  The church expressed thankfulness for all who helped in the construction of the church property.
Lead Pastors Jose and Rebeca with Lana and Paul

Paul and I wish you and yours a very

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Evangel Temple, Jacksonville, FL Construction Team

We are so happy to be back working on the church in Antilla and with other projects.  A huge thank you to  Evangel Temple Construction Team, Lead Pastor Garry Wiggins, Team leader Jordan Wiggins, Jacksonville, FL for helping work on the church in Antilla in October, 2015.  The church dedication is being planned for June 2016. 
Evangel Temple Construction Team with Antilla Church Members
 The team laid about 4,500 bricks on several projects during the week.  We appreciate their labor of love.  They are talented and hard-working. 
James and the magic of brick laying - He worked hard all week, thanks!
We just finished a year of itineration visiting many of you and wishing we could have been able to see everyone.  We were treated so kindly and enjoyed seafood on the East Coast, great Tex-Mex in Texas, Indiana home cooking, Pennsylvania Dutch, and New York Italian food, Yum….We have been given a grace period to finish raising our funds through emails, contacts, and calls.  Many of you mentioned sending a little extra cash with your regular support or raising your monthly pledge to help us finish fund raising.  We appreciate you very much!

Monday, September 28, 2015

International Christian Center, Staten Island, NY Construction Team

The construction team from International Christian Center, Staten Island, NY, Lead Pastor Ron Squibb were a tremendous blessing both in construction and in ministry as they worked on the church in Antilla, Cuba in September.  Thank you Pastor Ron Squibb for sending the team, thank you Pastor Richie Cruz (who led the team), and thank you team members.  Pictured below is Missionary Paul with ICC Construction Team, Antilla Church Pastor Jose Daniel Martinez (next to Paul in yellow t-shirt in second row standing) and brothers from Antilla Church.  You can see in the front the church has windows and progress is being made with the goal for 2016 church dedication. Thank you to the many teams who have helped us with the Antilla Project.

International Christian Center Construction Team

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Finishing the Itineration Fund Raising

We are currently finishing up with Itineration.  Thank you to our supporters and friends who have helped us in so many ways, your prayers, your giving, and your encouragement.

We are due back to the Islands September 1, 2015.  We have a team scheduled to work in construction on the Antilla Project. 

Today we received a report that we are lacking the following in funds.  If you can help, please send in a one time cash offering or sign up for a monthly pledge to help us finish.  Thank you in advance.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

New England Adventure 2015 - Campgrounds Open up Please!!!!

We are itinerating (where the missionaries visit their partners in missions and share about the work) visiting our supporters in the Northeast.  We travel with a fifth wheel RV and usually park at a church.  Some churches have a place to dump the RV holding tanks before leaving onto the next place and others do not. We usually find a campground close to where we are to empty our tanks every four days.  We will be in NH next week and a campground where we had planned to visit (usually open mid April) is closed due to the hard winter New England experienced.  We are on an adventure to find someplace to dump until they open up May 1.  Nothing is too big or too small to ask help from the Lord; I am sure we will find a place somewhere...
We are so encouraged by the generosity of our partners.  We started our journey last September 2014 needing to raise $1,076 in monthly pledges and $16,000 in cash. Since January 2015 we have raised an additional $224 more monthly and $7,000 in cash total.  Thank you for your help.  The chart below reflects what we have left to raise before our September 1, 2015 deadline.  It warmed our hearts that a retired group of Christians joined together and sent in a $20 a month pledge recently.  May God bless them and you.
The chart reflects $726 left in monthly pledges broken down in giving formats, and $9,000 in cash to raise.  We are grateful!  Feel free to top the largest pledge, we accept any amounts, or go below the lowest.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

     We are currently traveling for a year of itineration visiting our supporters.  We enjoyed our time in Northern New England this past fall and got to see many of you.  Thankfully when the lake affect snow (7 feet in Buffalo) hit New York State, we were settled at the church in Syracuse, NY with only 4 inches until I90 opened up and we were able to get south in our fifth wheel.

     We hope 2015 is a year of refreshing, renewal, and blessings!Thanks for your support!  Happy New Year!