Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Paul, Jerry, and pastors enjoying a meal together

On his recent trip, Paul was able to visit dozens of pastors and leaders in the Eastern Districts of Cuba. We were able to pray and encourage so many pastors. The pandemic has been a severe trial for the Cuban people. The church is growing as it reaches out with the truth of God’s Word. One pastor told me that seventy percent of his congregation are new believers who came to Christ during the last two years. I shared a message of hope with the Cubans to prepare for a time of great spiritual blessing.

Jerry, Pastor Pupo, and Paul

Paul, along with team leader Jerry Driggers, visited a number of projects both large and small that have been paralyzed for lack of funds or shortages of materials. Items are beginning to appear little by little. Cement and steel are especially expensive. We are getting ready to start up construction again in several places. With the notice that Cuba will no longer require proof of vaccination or negative covid test to enter the country, teams are now scheduling to go back. This fall several teams are already committed to going and helping build while ministering and encouraging the churches.

Paul with the local pastor in front of the church

Inside a local church construction

Beautiful antique car





Friday, April 24, 2020


Our devotions were out of Jeremiah 15:15-21 (ESV).  As I was reading this scripture, studying it, and thinking about it, I mentioned to my husband Paul that I felt the Holy Spirit was speaking directly to me.  In verse 18, Jeremiah speaks so honestly and directly to the Lord.  I was taken back by his words to God.  He said, “Why is my pain unceasing, my wound incurable, refusing to be healed?  Will you be to me like a deceitful brook, like waters that fail?”  He was asking God during a dark and depressed moment if he could trust Him.  He told God that he felt like He had failed him, and left him.  If I were to be honest, I was feeling the same way that day, but too afraid to say anything to God, because it sounded so disrespectful.  God knows our thoughts and what is in our hearts.  I know that to be true, yet hesitate to be fully honest sometimes.  Tears began to stream down my cheeks as I realized God would not fall off his throne if I were honest about how I felt about the COVID19 Pandemic. Healing and restoration began, as I was honest with God.  I asked Him to restore me and to forgive me for feeling abandoned.  God speaks to his prophet Jeremiah in the next verse.   Jeremiah 15:19 (ESV).   The Lord says to him, “If you return, I will restore you and you shall stand before me.”  He did not say to Jeremiah, “Don’t bother to come back again with that attitude,” but gently and firmly said, “Come back, I will fix you.”  I surrendered my feelings to Jesus during that morning devotional and He did restore me.  A wonderful sense of well-being flooded my being.  COVID19 is still going on, and we still have daily struggles, battles, and sad feelings, but God is true to His word, “Come back, I will fix you.”  I will need to keep coming back to be fixed inside as this trial continues.  Our Jesus is the well of Living Water that will never run dry!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

New Life Church, Kearney, NE


We are grateful and thankful for the team from New Life Church in Kearney, NE that partnered with us to work on the Puerta del Cielo (Door to Heaven) AG church in Guaimaro.

The Kearney team, alongside the members of the church poured the roof, prayed for safety, served food, and did general construction work. The concrete was passed by hand up a human line in buckets.  Paul, along with the team enjoyed a time of fellowship with the Pastors in Antilla for a meal.
Preparing the roof for concrete pour by hand

Pouring roof by hand

Team with Pastors and Paul
Enjoying a wonderful meal with Pastors in Antilla